Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thinking of warmer days

 I really shouldn't be doing this to myself, looking at all these warm summer time pictures. In reality, this winter has not been a bad one. It's been sad in that we have hardly any snow, but while the rest of the world has been freezing their tails off in a polar vortex, we've been only mildly cold. Every day for the past week it's gotten above freezing outside, which makes all of us want to get out of this house. And if the wind was blowing from sunup to sundown we surely would. My husband thinks this winter is passing by so quickly, but I realize that in 2 1/2 months when this baby finally gets here, it's still going to be a 40 degree high. And that day seems a long long way away. Since I was such a crappy sporadic blogger this year anyway, I'm just going to remember how great this past summer was.
 Just look at those mighty muck boot wearing fisher people. They had absolutely no success in spearing a fish with their sticks, but they were fantastic at filling up their boots with water and getting stranded in the middle of the stream.
 This was a summer of hikes. I feel like we all turned into granola crunching hikers, especially me. I even went on an overnight pack trip. There are so many beautiful trails all over the mountains, and I am excited to strap baby on my back and check out some new ones this summer.
Not only did we splash in any body of water within a 15 mile radius, we even traveled down to Bear Lake for a swim. Our friends live near the lake and we just sat back and relaxed while all our kiddos played in the sand/water.
 An extra fun bonus: it was team Teichert's 10th anniversary this July. We celebrated by going to Vegas for my little brother's wedding, getting really really sick and puking the whole way back to Idaho. Romantic, no, but memorable, yes.
My bro had a reception in Idaho the next weekend where all my sisters were able to get together. It wasn't easy for all 5 of us to get a long when we were little, but now that we are grown up we have built in best friends. Plus all my sisters are total babes.
 There wasn't a day that went by that some kid or another wasn't outside trying to play in the little irrigation ditch that runs behind our house. It has a sandy spot where I would lay and read while the amigos played. 
Here's our ditch now, still getting played in, but not quite so warm, or, if you ask me, fun. I spend a good 15 minutes bundling up the boys and herding them outside, only for them to come in red cheeked and begging for hot chocolate 10 minutes later. I like different seasons, I just wish some were longer than others.


Dan and Jamie said...

Derek got married?!!? Isn't he too young? You girls really are all beautiful. It's not fair that you all come from the same family!

Marsha said...

Well, considering where you live and liking different seasons, I hope cold, freezing winter months is your favorite. If it is, you definitely get it longer than others. EnJoY!

Marisa Jean said...

I just went through every single one of my Hawaii pictures and cried through the entire series. Warm weather, how I miss you!

I love that picture of all your sisters. Funny how you can't wait to see your family as you age when you couldn't wait to see anyone but them growing up (speaking for myself here).

Getting kids ready to go out into the snow is horrible to me. Because like you say, they last a whole 5 minutes before they want back in.

Come on spring! Get here so I can see how cute this new Teichert is going to be!