Friday, November 8, 2013


 Going for a little family drive today was pretty dangerous. The higher we went up the mountain the worse the road got, more snow, more slickness, more freaking me out. Seth hasn't ever gotten me stuck or crashed into a tree yet, so I should be more trusting, but by the time we got to the top I was wishing we hadn't even gone. 30 seconds later we saw a huge herd of elk making their way across the snow. Then we were flying down the snowy road following this giant herd of mostly mommas and babies. It was so exciting! 
 After driving around a while and nearly getting stuck and/or hitting trees, we found the perfect spot to get out and cut some firewood. I knew to pack snow boots, but I should have brought snow pants and good gloves too. The snow was deeper than I anticipated. That didn't stop my baby bears from getting out and playing right away.
 And here's my amazing lumberjack. Nice cowboy hat, right? 
 With all of this help our truck was loaded in no time. Dax is kind of a wonderful kid, wearing his lens-less safety glasses and carrying log after log. The boys both have their own little chainsaws, they go around sawing on stumps and calling out "timber!" Ry is just getting to be handy with that ax, she hasn't chopped off any of her body parts yet. Just be careful standing anywhere near her when she's swinging.
And the finished product. We had kind of a late start in getting wood this year, and about 3 weeks ago I was a little worried about having enough for the winter. Because I like it warm, really warm. I keep that wood stove cranking. And now, after this last load, I think there is going to be enough to keep my house at the temperature to which I've become accustomed. Friends, I know there are good economical reasons for keeping the thermostat at 62 degrees, but it freezes me out! If you ever need to warm up and pretend you are not in the frigid north for a while, you are invited to my place!


Marsha said...

There's nothing like backing up to a wood stove. Where you take the adventure side and trek through the woods to get your logs, we just head out the back door and get the old, rotted cottonwood. It's messier and has more ash but lots easier to get......but then again, you're making wonderful, family memories!

Jess Clark said...

That is an impressive stack of wood. I hope you have a hydraulic splitter ... otherwise, your man Seth is probably a very tired man.

Marisa Jean said...

The description of the journey there gave me a minor anxiety attack. Sliding in the snow terrifies me. Add a high mountain road to the mix, and I'd have to be gagged and put in a spot I couldn't see out the window. That might make me a wuss, but I'm not going to shy from the truth.

I love the little chainsaws!