Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween at the house of spooks

Last night was so cold, but so fun. Once again we loaded up our trick-or-treating wagon and headed to town. It didn't work out as well as last year, because of the rain and frigid wind, but it was still a blast!
This little town is such a great place. Every year one house goes all out to become a freaky scary spook alley. This is only one scene from a yard full of seriously scary things. The amigos were ready to leave before they even made it to the door. 
 this is house is less scary, but just as decked out. The little ones in our group had a hard time even going through the gate.

My halloweeners (snicker) had picked out their costumes a long time ago. Rylee wanted to be the evil My Little Pony Nightmare Moon. This one was pretty easy to make, I found a sort of tutorial here, and we just went from that.
Wings and a cutie mark.
The boys went as the dynamic due battlecat and He Man. Those Masters of the Universe were a little before my time, but I have always known who that fuzzy underwear guy was. I thought everyone knew him. Wrong. Only one other person the entire night guessed who Peyton was, and everyone thought Dax was just a green cat.
 He has the power.
 Pretty true to life, I think.

It was so cold, so wet, and so stinking awesome! Happy Halloween! 


Nancy said...

Impressive Halloween sewing. Way to go!

Marsha said...

Cute costumes. Amber would have known right away who the costumes were for your little boys. She is the QUEEN of She-ra and He-man. She still gets She-ra items for Christmas and she has a lot of their VHS's and DVD's.

Marisa Jean said...

I'm not in the know on he-man, but I had an idea what they were baed on the amazing costumes you whipped up. You never cease to amaze me with your mad sewing skills.

I'm impressed how decorative people get in that town of yours!

Amber Sayer Walker said...

I love the Hoover house!! I don't know how they come up with new ideas each year. I'm so impressed by your costumes! My kids won't be so lucky... I'm not talented that way! And Mom's right. I TOTALLY knew that your boys were He-Man and Battlecat.