Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not gone or forgotten

When I last posted it was my girlie's first day of school, now we are nearly to our first parent teacher conference. So I know it's a been a while since I visited this blog, but there are some darn good reasons for it. Like I am just too lazy, we haven't really been doing anything excited, cows take up a lot time, I like to take naps, etc. But we are still alive in Idaho. And I have received a really sweet gift that I do want to talk about. I began to have a love of sewing clear back in my Elko days, working in a flower shop/ fabric shop. I didn't really know what to do on the fabric side of things, but I enjoyed going through all the bolts of fabric and helping ladies pick out fabric. A few friends taught me the basics of sewing and I was off. Seth bought me a cute little Bernette a few years later, someone else gave me a serger, and now there is this great sewing room upstairs, what more could I need?
I totally needed this avocado green sewing machine. I didn't know I needed it until I started using it, but already I just don't think I could go back. There is an amazing lady living up here on the flats whose eyesight has failed her (that's what happens when you're 81, I guess). She can't thread her needle anymore, so she just gave this gem to me. Her husband gave it to her in the 1950's, and it sews like a dream. Really, it's so smooth and fast and tight-stitching, I am in love with this Bernina.
 Plus it has this neat storage space for bobbins and thread, and three drawers full of treasures. There are needles and all sorts of feet that do all sorts of things. This machine even made it through the earthquake of '83, hitting the floor but not missing a stitch. 
Moving past the basics has been made easier by living near my mother-in-law. She and I whipped up this John Deere quilt in an afternoon, and just this morning I finished binding it, made for the lady who gave me the machine. Her granddaughter is expecting a little farmer pretty soon. 
Now I'm onto Halloween costumes, not something I'm totally dreading. Just kind of dreading, because that day is closing in and there is a lot to be done. And all 3 of those amigos are putting my creativity to the test with their requests. We'll just have to see how it goes.


The Hansens said...

You've always been so artistic...Your passion suits you :)

Marsha said...

Don't you just love your sewing machine?!! I have the Bernina machine that my mother owned and it sews like a charm. They are heavy-duty machines. Too bad I don't sew like I used to. I also have the Bernina serger. Love these machines.

Marisa Jean said...

I am beyond jealous! I have a newer Bernina and I do love it, but those old machines are work horses. They are AMAZING!!! I would love to get something like that!!! I can't wait to see what you make with that gem!

Halloween costumes are my very favorite. I look forward to seeing your creative juices put to work. :)