Thursday, October 24, 2013

I love this family!

Picture Day! I'm kind of a planner, and I plan out these great family pictures every year, picking outfits and locations. And Seth never goes for it. Ever! Outwardly he will say "sure", but then months go by and he just can't pick a day and all of a sudden it's nearly winter. So the photographer (Seth's little sister) and I pinned him down and pictures are done. 
 These two boys just steal my heart, they are so dang adorable.

 Plus Rylee is such a babe and the most wonderful big sister. She is the best!
All of them are just so dang cool. 
 These pictures are all thanks to my little sister-in-law, she knows us so well and takes really beautiful photos. 


Jen said...

Your kiddos are all darling! I love how these photos show their personality...the one with Peyton's hand on his chin is awesome! -Jen

Marsha said...

Love the pics.....I mean, I really love the pics. They really show the personalities of your entire family. Taylor is a fantastic photographer. Some day I hope to get off auto and do some real picture tak'n.

The Duke said...

Your family is adorable. Beautiful photos.

Aurora said...

Son muy bonitas las imágenes, familiares, alegres, y tiernas

Marisa Jean said...

Not only did you pin him down, but you got him to smile, too. Nice work!

Rylee looks 17 in these pictures. It's crazy! And I feel like Dax looks 100% different than the last time I saw him. He's so grown up and handsome. No toddler there any more.

And then let's talk about you... You look STUNNING! I love every last one of these pictures. So beautiful!

Kristin Baird said...

Nat you are so beautiful so it is no wonder why your family is so good lookin! You guys are adorable!

Aurora said...

Estupendas fotografías. Los paisajes preciosos, y todo gira en torno a la familia. ¡Fantástico!