Monday, July 7, 2014

Because I'm Happy!

This past month has been a pretty great one. Let me show you!

 Grace Tayler Teichert was blessed on her two month birthday. 5/8 of my siblings made the drive up to the middle of nowhere, which was wonderful of them. 
 Smiling happy babies are one of the best parts of life.
 D-man (almost sounds like demon, which is very fitting at times) learned how to ride a two wheeler. We've tooled around the house and to the mailbox, and even a couple of 6 mile rides to the ranch and back. He's pretty dang good!
 There has been some wonderful rainstorms in June, including rodeo day. Which is also parade  day. Grace, Seth, and I stayed dry under an awning...
 While the other 3 amigos got wet on their sweet float.
 Rylee has aspirations to be a bearded lady someday.
 And another happy face. She loves her tub time.
 Seth's cousins came to visit for the 4th, bringing smoking hot weather with them. I scrounged through my house and found a pile of cowboy boots for all these cute kids (minus one, who had her own) and we went for a pony ride.
 My motto, proven in this picture: Blondes don't just have more fun, they ARE more fun.
A quick visit to our swinging tree almost led to a quick visit to the emergency room. Daredevil Peyton let go and swung out one handed. He made it to the other side of the tree safely. That was freaky, kid!

My mighty fishers caught their trout with their own bare hands. Actually, Dax had some help. He grabbed one and pulled it out of the pool, but when the fish flexed it's gills Dax lost his grip, screaming "It's bleeding, it's bleeding!" Luckily, someone came by and scooped the fish and bagged it for him.
One more picture of a beautiful chubby cheeked baby deep in conversation with her grandfather. Having a new one at home, along with the chores and duties and work of caring for 3 others has some tough moments. But there are so, so many good moments. I am feeling  happy and busy and just flat out good this summer.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day!

Seth has a lot of great things going for him. He's probably one of the most naturally talented people I know, and is way too good at way too many things. I think the place he really excels is at home where he is a great husband and dad. I didn't know I lucked out so much until we started having kids. He's proved himself over and over on being pretty much the best. He's a dad that gets on the floor and in the dirt and plays with his children. He teases and teaches and we all fight over him because we all want to be around him. I looked through a bunch of photos and picked out a few favorites throughout the years.

Rylee is the girlie who made him a daddy, and these two have a great relationship. In fact, she's off with him at work right now. Back in the old days, when she was the only kid and we still had cable, she would get to stay up late at night by telling daddy she wants to watch the Raiders with him. They've gone on dates together and really love each other.

Seth and Dax have a lot of common ground in the things they love. Trucks, equipment, dozers, anything loud and kind of dangerous. He is more of an observer than our other kids, sitting back and watching. He and his dad will spend time coloring and drawing pictures of all their noisy toys. They look so much alike, the only difference in their baby pictures is Seth had a head full of curly hair while Dax's is straight.

Peyton was my little bald baby, the only one of the 4 who actually looks like my side of the family. But in temperament he is most like his dad. Peyton wants to dress the same and do all the same things as his daddy. He wants to go with him all day every day. I love that these two guys are so alike!

And lastly, Baby Grace, the tail end of our kids. Seth does what he does best with babies, takes naps with them. The only problem comes up when baby won't sleep. :) I don't recall my dad changing a lot of diapers or rocking a lot of babies to sleep, but Seth will do that for me.

We are such a happy little family in our happy little house on the windy sagebrush flat. The good mood that we have around home usually comes off of Seth, it's not easy to be grouchy around someone who's so nice. Not to say those 4 amigos (and me) aren't grouchy, there's a lot of tears around here. And way too many high pitched screams. But we are blessed to have each other, and have a daddy who takes care of us and loves us regardless.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sammy's Is Back!

My family just hit our 9th anniversary of living in Mackay, Idaho. We moved here when our baby girl was only 1 month old, and while we've lived in 3 different houses, they've all been within a 6 mile radius. So living "in" Mackay isn't really right, more like we live near it. It's a 20 minute drive to get into town, and when we get there it's a pretty tiny town. Not as teeny as Clayton, population 7! We are lucky to have a few restaurants, banks, the donut store is open, a cute little grocery store, a few odds and ends and 2 gas stations. A lot of buildings in town sit old and empty. Last summer one of our two gas stations, Sammy's, was set to close down. And it was kind of a bummer because it was the cool one, pretty much as cool as a gas station could get. Lucky for us, someone bought it.
And super lucky for us, gave us these sweet t-shirts.
And ultra super lucky for us, renovated the whole building, added a kitchen side to it, and installed new gas pumps. With actual card readers on the pumps. I know this seems pretty dorky to be so pumped up about pumps, but this place is awesome!!!
My boys have always loved going inside because of the wildlife on the walls. Deer, caribou, water buffalo, and some fantastic elk heads hang out in here all the time. The convenience side of Sammy's is all sorts of giant now and smells really good. Smell is important to me, and the bathrooms are like little spots of freshness. Plus there is a milkshake machine. And Reed's Dairy ice cream. That has ensured this is now my new favorite place.
A sad thing about this town is 3/4 of the restaurants close in the winter, making sure that I have to prepare dinner every single night. What? So I'm kind of stoked I can stop and pick up pizza. Plus watch Nascar on a giant TV while hanging out with those sweet goats. Except I think one of them is a sheep. Ram. Whatever.

Just look how cheesy and delicious this pizza is! Milkshake + pizza made for Peyton's best day ever.

Is it a little pathetic that I am so excited about a gas station? No. That's what I have to tell myself. I kind of feel like this place is breathing new life in this town I have grown to love. So if you're ever driving by, now there are two reasons to stop here. Me, of course, and Sammy's.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Some things do grow

Just take a look at this sweetest of baby girls. She's chubby and rolly and so dang adorable. She's also grouchy and cranky and keeps me from getting anything done! At 6 weeks neither her nor I have figured out how to get good sleep. Actually, she gets good sleep, as long as someone is holding her. Mainly me, of course. Because to Grace, I am Miss America. As in, "There she is!" I can't help but being that lovable. And on the bright side, I am developing some toned biceps.
Thank heavens of that big sister. Rylee can't stand to hear little sister cry, so she is always holding her and playing with her while I try and get some dinner made or things picked up or just be alone for a minute. Seriously, these girls are already little friends and like to be around each other. The past 6 weeks have flown by (a lot faster than the last 6 weeks of pregnancy). We are finally getting some summery weather so I took Gracie out in her stroller so we could check out the progress of our yard. Um, it was...impressive.

 Observe the ever bearing evergreen. Or the pernicious pine tree.
How about this majestic maple?
 A little hungry baby waking me up in the middle of the night is not bad. Sneaky dirty mangy deer prancing into my yard in the middle of the night and eating up all of my trees IS bad. So bad that I have such angry feelings towards all deer that if it wasn't so damaging I would stop trying to not run them down with my car. I did hit one this past winter, and it broke my headlight, which made me hate them even more. They ate all my trees! The only thing they mostly let be is my russian olives, although a few branches are missing. Hopefully all that deer got was a mouthful of thorns. Next time they come around I'm going to stand in the doorway and eat some deer jerky. My friend has her own personal little deer herd that she loves to take pictures of, I just wish all the deer in the valley would go live there where they are a little more welcome. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Up All Night

 This picture has nothing to do with my post. Peyton is just such a little cowboy, plus he LOVES that his rope matches his boots. Yellow is his favorite color you know.
 Take a look at this wild party animal. With such crazy hair it makes sense that her theme song would come from Slaughter. Up until a few nights ago she thought that night was the time to be awake. Something has clicked though, and we're doing better about sleeping when we're supposed to sleep. Grace is such a sweetheart, and I am for sure a baby loving kind of momma. Except I realize why I always block out the first 3 months of a baby's life. Not exactly block it out, more like just flat out can't remember because I am living in a sleepless fog. We cuddle and snuggle and sometimes I can get 2 entire hours of sleep at one time. And sleep is more important to me than eating, bathing, talking- I would choose napping over anything else. Good thing I love those little suckers.
 For some odd reason, everyone seems to be really shocked at Gracie's head full of black hair. 3/4 of my babies have had lots of dark hair. (photographic evidence here and here) People only remember that little blondie used to be little baldie. The 3 big ones have been so helpful, getting diapers and jammies and making me feel like the queen of Sheba, I so rarely have to get off the couch. If the queen of Sheba wore the same amazingly comfy yoga pants everyday and didn't bother to put her contacts in, then that's definitely who I'd be.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Amazing Grace!

Here I am at the end of March, the 29th to be exact. I am about 63 months pregnant, it's my first little girl's birthday, and we are headed to the Women's Conference for some preaching. And some cake. It was a great day to turn 9 years old. That was Saturday, and I wasn't feeling in top form. Sunday was a little rough. Monday was rougher. Especially Monday night. About midnight we hopped in the car and headed across the desert for our new little girl to have her first birthday. 
Our sweet baby Grace was born at 4:47 am on April 1st. She was 5 days early, but had tried to make an appearance a week before that, sending us to the Birthing Center and back with no baby. She earned her April Fool's birth date. She weighed 7 lb 13 oz and was 20 and 3/4" long. She's pretty much perfect.
These sisters are 9 years and 3 days apart. I hope they'll be friends and love each other and not want to scratch each other's eyes out, like sisters are prone to do. I hope they will both be great sleepers. Ry has accomplished that, now it's up to Grace to figure it out. I know it's only been 5 days, but I am pretty sleepy. But not so sleepy that I don't see that my baby is flipping off the camera. She's a rebel like that.

This blog is going to turn private in about 2 weeks. So if you ever look and want to keep looking, just leave me your e-mail address and I'll add you to my blog roll. Or you can e-mail it to me at 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Around Here Lately

There is a real live legitimate reason that my blogging has been slowing down. And it's not that I have nothing to write or am to busy/lazy to write it, but more because of other people. Other freaky people that keep commenting on posts and I don't have a clue where they came from. Well, I kind of have a clue, because I keep getting traffic sources from some pretty shady websites. Why would a porn place want to send/receive traffic from some dinky stupid family blog? I'm having troubles with this and trying to decide if going private would be best, or just delete the whole dang thing and stop worrying about it. So I haven't posted much and really haven't wanted to because of all of that. I know so many people have just been missing out on my wonderful life and thoughts (sarcasm), so I think I'll try one more post before deciding what to do with this blog.

 One of the most anticipated days of all year rolled around this week: branding day! Seth carefully selected the right time this year instead of just winging it, because while I don't mind making a meal for 40 while 9 months pregnant, it would kind of be a bummer at one week postpartum. Great helpers made for a great branding meal. Now we have a basketball game, another ranch branding, and Rylee's birthday then this baby will be invited to come on out. 
It was a beautiful breezy spring day with some of my favorite people around. It was a little tough for me to just sit on the tailgate and watch everyone else do everything. The ropers and ground crew were so fantastic that we rolled through 300 calves like it was nothing.
 Rylee and Grandpa got in on a little of the ground work. These two are 60 years apart, and she is the oldest grandchild. So while she will be turning 9 this week, he'll be turning 69, and he was still out there bucking calves. I think he likes to show off and out-work the younger guys, but am sure he'll be paying for it the rest of the week. 
My baby found a horse that wouldn't buck him off, and a nice grandma to lead him around.
My other baby found a nice hard spot to lay down and fall asleep. This kid just kills me, who could fall asleep on a tailgate? Especially with 160 cows and calves bawling and ropes whizzing and all the commotion that comes with being in the branding pen. I was actually a little jealous at his ability to adapt because I could have used a nap right around then as well.